Candidate Survey

About the ICENES‘ Candidate Survey

The candidate survey has been carried out following each Icelandic parliamentary election since 2009. The survey is sent to all candidates that are on the candidate list of political parties that have beenelected to parliament.

To access the data, you can send an email to the ICENES steering commitee ( to apply for access. If access is granted, users must sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the handling and use of the data.


The candidate survey is sent by email to candidates. Candidates are asked, among other things, about their background in politics, the election campaign and media use, issue emphasis, attitudes towards democracy and ideological emphasis. The candidate survey is part of the CCS (Comparative Candidate Survey) which is an international cooperation platform on candidate surveys asking the same questions in more than 20 countries that are part of the CCS. The ICENES candidate questionnaire is largely based on the CCS questionnaire.

ICENES Candidate Surveys

Year Sample size Response rate (%)


756 67.7
2013 756


2016 882


2017 1,008